JKR Celebrates Fourth of July with Cookout

CookoutLast Friday, JKR held a company cookout in celebration of July 4,  recognizing the holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Since it happened 240 years ago, it’s easy to forget the struggles our founding fathers endured to make it happen.


One of JKR’s partners, Jon Albert (pictured), was kind enough to provide the grill and a generous assortment of chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Once everything was set up, Jon and his team of “voluntary sous chefs” went to work, serving up made-to-order lunches for our entire team of employees.


Other JKR team members chipped with enough side dishes and desserts to feed a small army.


Our new facility allowed us to have an event like this cookout; it gave us the ability to cook out on company grounds, as well as ample space to fit all our personnel in one room.  


Now that July 4, 2016 has come and gone (and we hope yours was fantastic), let’s not take our independence (and life in the world’s greatest country) for granted.


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