The Critical First Seven Seconds

Seven SecondsAutomobile dealers have approximately seven seconds to capture the interest of the consumer during a radio or TV advertisement. At the same time, those critical seven seconds must compel the prospective customer to continue “consuming” the message all the way through its conclusion. This is not an easy task, especially when you remember this must be done month after month, and year after year. Well-orchestrated automotive advertisements take knowledge and creativity.

Some advertisements are over in 15 short seconds, while others last for a full minute. Either way, the first seven seconds will determine the ultimate success rate. In that very brief time frame, your audience could be captivated … or they could be confused, annoyed or just flat-out bored to death. If it’s any of the last three, they’re going to mentally check out.

To avoid an early check-out time, the first seven seconds must be intrusive. In other words, it must make them stop what they’re doing and take notice. How is this done? It can be accomplished in a number of ways, but here are three examples.

(1)    Make an invasive statement that causes the consumer to take notice

(2)    Introduce a VIP (in this case, the auto dealer or spokesperson)

(3)    Give the audience new information they didn’t know

What are You Doing With Your Seven Seconds?

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