Do Your Ads Feature the Right CTA?

CTAEven if you produce the most interesting advertisement your market has ever seen, without a proper call to action (CTA) your ad will be far weaker than it should be. Almost everyone in the automotive business – or anywhere else, for that matter, has heard of this term, but exactly what is a CTA and what does it mean?


An effective CTA persuades a prospective customer to buy a car from you within a given time frame – and this happens as a direct result of your commercial. The best CTAs instruct the audience to come to your dealership right away. This may be due to a great sale or other special event, but you don’t have any right to expect their business if you don’t actually get around to asking for it – and then, giving them a good enough reason or offer to visit your dealership.


Great CTA Hints

In addition to strong verbiage that entices customers to come to your dealership, it’s also a good idea to have web addresses and phone numbers that are easy to remember … because the recipient may not be at a convenient place where they would be able to jot down your company info. This is also a great reason to repeat your CTA more than once (or show them on-screen, if it’s a television commercial).


In short, you must generate a sense of urgency and offer an inventive that is both enticing and worthwhile. By doing this, you’ve created a CTA that will be difficult for a potential customer to resist.

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