Is Your Dealership Ready for Cultural Change?

Cultural ChangeWhile cultural change is not happening everywhere in our country, it is taking place in many states. Those who are aware of it – and prepare for it – will be ahead of the game, according to a recent story on The author says there is significant opportunity for those who are astute and flexible enough to see it and react to it. For example, the Ad Age Hispanic Pack 2015 showed that last year, Hispanic media spending rose by 17.6% to a total of $3.8 billion


This article in Automotive News further illustrates the point, as it demonstrates the clout carried by Hispanic car shoppers when it comes to automotive cultural change. It says as follows: “Spanish-speaking or Hispanic culture-identifying buyers are critical to automotive brands’ success. Last year, Hispanic buyers delivered 96 percent of Ford and Chevrolet’s combined year-over-year retail sales growth; 33 percent of Nissan’s; 35 percent of Toyota’s; and 100 percent of Honda’s, according to IHS Automotive’s Polk market data unit. No doubt about it, that’s significant!


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