Why Today’s Customer Experience is More Vital Than Ever

The customer experience is obviously very important at all times but right now this is especially true. We recently heard the following from a Mitsubishi dealer: “The bad news was that we only had five customers in our showroom all day last Thursday. The good news was … we sold five cars!”


While dealerships don’t typically sell cars to every customer who walks through the doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hearing of much higher close ratios than normal … and here are some reasons this is the case.


There are very few “window shoppers” in our current climate. If someone shows up at your dealership, you can be fairly certain they’re very serious about purchasing a car.


You literally have all day to construct a deal that works for both sides. A smaller number of customers gives you the chance to spend more time with them. If a customer does not like your first offer, you have as much time as the customer will allow to come up with a Plan B, C or even D.


Because the corporate entities are as eager to move product as the dealers, there are some fantastic buying opportunities for today’s customer. Payments are being deferred and incentives are high; it’s just a matter of getting the word out to the customers!


Making certain you’re putting 100% into the customer experience is the top priority during a time when shopper volume is low. The good news is, it can be especially motivating to do so when significantly higher numbers of them are purchasing vehicles.


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