How a Customer Processes Radio Advertising

Customer Processes Radio AdvertisingHere’s how a customer processes radio advertising when exposed to it. When someone car shops, there are some fundamental things they are thinking about … even if they are not consciously aware of them.


(1)    Which kind of car/truck/SUV is right for me (new, used, size, type, etc.)?

(2)    Once I’ve made that decision, which is the best one for my needs and wants?

(3)    Can I afford the purchase or lease price?

(4)    There are dealerships that sell the same vehicles, so which one should I go to?

(5)    How am I going to get the best deal I possibly can?


Now comes the difficult part – taking this information, processing it and using it in a way that gets the customer to come to your dealership via your radio advertising. This is a little more complicated nowadays than it used to be. With technology such as it is today, the landscape of car shopping is entirely different. Research has shown that, instead of going to as many as six or seven dealerships to look at vehicles, today’s car shopper limits his/her visits to two or three places.


To get your store to be one of those few dealerships they visit, you need to keep in mind the way a customer processes radio advertising. To do that, there are some mandatory things that should be included in each radio advertising campaign.


First, your advertisement should have a sufficient amount of reach and frequency. Without these two ultra-important factors, you will fail. It’s as simple as that.


Second, it’s a great thing when your advertisement possesses the intrusiveness necessary to break through the clutter. Things like slogans and jingles are great examples, but great copy can do the trick, too.


Third, you must present a compelling argument as to why customers should come to your dealership for their vehicles (and return for service).


Fourth, you need a good hook; a special offer sufficient enough to entice someone to come to your dealership.


Finally, your advertisement needs to create urgency. If someone likes your offer but knows they can get the same deal next month, there is no reason for them to hurry down to your store. But if you create something that’s time-sensitive, you have the makings of a good automotive advertising commercial.


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