What Customers are Thinking when Looking for a Car

If you’ve always wondered what your customers are thinking but don’t have any definitive answers, a recent Edmunds “Car Shopping Trends” survey is an interesting place to start. What’s on their minds before and during the purchase process? The report polled 500 in-market car shoppers across the United States and here are the highlights.


∙ Almost everyone (96%) indicated that they put at least some effort into getting a good price on their cars; however, cost isn’t the only major factor leading to a purchase. In fact, 64% say the combination of a good price and finishing the transaction quickly is what results in their complete satisfaction.


∙ Nearly nine out of every 10 shoppers have completed some degree of online research prior to visiting a dealership facility. The takeaway? You should have a fantastic dealership Website – and we mean more than just looking great. It should be easy to navigate and readily feature the answers to questions potential customers typically have about your dealership and its products.


∙ Based on the survey, the top three reasons people decide to buy a car are: 1. Attraction to a particular vehicle itself (76%); and 2 (tie). Price/Payment/Financing and Manufacturer Reputation (both 62%).


∙ On average, a car shopper makes visits to two dealerships and takes two test drives prior to buying a vehicle. This makes it of utmost importance that your sales consultants possess the knowledge – and the ability – to articulately explain what separates your dealership and your cars from your competition.


∙ About eight out of every 10 automobile shoppers buy a car within seven days of a test drive – and 34% of them buy a car that same day. What about the 66% who don’t? Staying in touch with them during the next week to 10 days is vital because there’s a very good chance they’ll purchase a car during that time frame from someone. Why not you?


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