The Ways a Dealer’s Reputation Matters

The reputation of an automobile dealership is something that should always be protected, because when you have the confidence and trust of the people in your market, it goes a long way in ensuring success. (Of course, you have a different kind of problem if you don’t have any reputation at all – and there are plenty of dealerships like that, too.)


With all this in mind, consider the following about the people who don’t purchase cars from you: They may be choosing not to do business with you because they don’t know who you are … or worse, because they do know who you are. Further, how much of what people think they know about you is actually true?


When a dealership has a great reputation in its community, there are a host of ways this can have a profoundly positive effect on its bottom line and employee morale. It doesn’t always have to sell the cheapest vehicles; it can often be the tiebreaker in a customer’s mind when similar offers are presented to them from multiple stores; and it attracts great people who are proud to say they work for you.


So what should you do if your reputation isn’t the best and you’d like to change that … or how do you get people to take notice of you if you don’t have any reputation at all? There are in-house things you can do to improve customer service and the way they perceive your dealership, of course – but it always helps to enlist the services of a top-notch automotive advertising agency like JKR.  


Rome wasn’t built in a day … and neither was a car dealer’s reputation. However, we at JKR Advertising have been known to help our clients achieve the seemingly impossible in a very short period of time! It takes a consistent message with the right amount of reach and frequency to create the positive momentum necessary to see results.


The Dealer’s Reputation Specialists

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