Should an Auto Dealer be the Dealership Spokesperson?

Dealership SpokespersonYour dealership spokesperson could be one of many people … or you may not have one at all. But whatever you decide, be sure you do it with a great deal of thought – and then stick to it. While there isn’t necessarily one correct decision, there are a number of certain wrong ones, according to JKR Advertising Partner Richard Brauns.


“If the owner is not typically at the dealership and available to the customers, they shouldn’t be the face of the dealership,” Brauns said.


He also says to use caution when hiring a professional spokesperson. “If, for some reason, it doesn’t work out between the dealership spokesperson and the dealer, there has to be something in place contractually that prevents the spokesperson from going to another dealership in the same market,” Brauns said.


Additionally, Brauns recommends against using dealership management for a similar reason. “What if that manager decides to go work at a competing dealership down the street?” Brauns asked. “If customers are responding to them, they’ll follow them to their new place of employment. I’ve seen this happen.”


Ultimately, if the owner does decide to be the dealership spokesperson, he/she should be doing it for the right reasons. They shouldn’t do it because it’s cheaper than hiring someone else. They shouldn’t do it because they love seeing themselves on TV. They shouldn’t do it to increase popularity with their friends. They should do it because they are the person who can best express the dealership’s message in a positive way – passionately and articulately.


“Don’t forget, too, that if you don’t have enough ears or impressions that consume your advertisements, they will not have the desired effect,” reminds Brauns. “It is so important to have someone help you get the right mix of reach and frequency.”


How it Should be Done

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