Don’t Reduce Your December Advertising

December AdvertisingYou owe it to yourself to continue your December advertising. While it’s true that, during November, car shoppers took full advantage of some great deals (especially around Black Friday), there’s no reason to stop advertising and just assume you’re going to have a mediocre December. The fact is, there are still plenty of people looking for new and pre-owned automobiles (especially since most manufacturers have year-end sales events of some kind).

The folks at JKR Automotive Advertising have been around for a long time. Nearly every year, we have a handful of clients looking to cut back on their December advertising budgets, and their reasons are almost always the same. Some are afraid their advertisements will get lost in the shuffle amongst a sea of other retailers’ annual holiday campaigns. Others just resign themselves to the idea that December isn’t going to be a good month no matter what they do.

December Advertising is a Must

But here’s something important you should consider: Just like the other retailers who advertise in December, an automobile dealer is a retailer, too. Your store’s message should also be out there, because you have viable, desirable products and services to sell – and they don’t get any less viable or desired during December. And during the time of year when customers are especially aware of advertisements because they’re looking for holiday deals, you’re missing out on an opportunity if you don’t keep your store’s message in front of people in your community.

There is absolutely no reason to give up on December advertising and just assume it’s going to be a bad month. Instead, continue with your full complement of ads to draw customers to you. Only then will you be able to enjoy a December you never thought possible.

Remember, too, that JKR’s advertisements are track-able. As a result, we can show you real, tangible proof that people are taking notice of your ads … as if a bigger bottom line wasn’t enough all by itself.

All it takes is a phone call to JKR Automotive Advertising. Give us a call today at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner. It isn’t too late to take advantage of the opportunities that December advertising offers, but you must hurry!

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