Defensive Automotive Advertising Bolsters a Winning Campaign

Defensive Automotive Advertising
Jeff Johnson, JKR Advertising

More often than not, successful sports teams have standout offenses and defenses rather than just one of them. In light of this weekend’s Super Bowl, it’s the perfect time to show that successful advertisers operate under a similar premise – offensive and defensive automotive advertising are both key components to complete success.

Offensive Automotive Advertising 

According to Jeff Johnson, Managing Partner at JKR Advertising & Marketing, a dealership needs both offense and defense to be its most effective. “A car dealer should go on the offensive and do as much intrusive media as the budget will allow,” Johnson said. “Intrusive means a radio or TV audience is exposed to the car dealer’s commercial whether they want to see it or not. For example, you can’t watch Wheel of Fortune without getting commercials. So, you have the attention of the audience for 30 or 60 seconds. It’s your chance to give them a compelling reason why they should come to your dealership for your products and services.”

Defensive Automotive Advertising 

Johnson says this is only part of the equation. “With the intrusive commercials, you’ve effectively created substantial interest in your products and services,” he explained. “Once that happens, the customer is going to go to a non-intrusive media – the Internet. When he or she goes to a search engine and types in what they’re looking for, it returns what they’re expecting to get. That makes it non-intrusive. If a car dealer hasn’t protected himself on the Internet, the client searching for one of his products could easily get poached by a competitor.”

To keep this from happening, Johnson says a defensive strategy should be employed. “It takes a calculated campaign,” he said. “Let’s say, for example, that you own XYZ Motors. What happens if your competitor down the street buys the keywords ‘XYZ Motors’? It could be potentially devastating because the search engine will point customers in the wrong direction. But on the other hand, how great would it be if you possessed your competitors’ dealership names as keywords? So you need someone who understands SEO and SEM to help you play defense.”

You Need Offensive and Defensive Automotive Advertising

Before you kick off your next ad campaign, be sure you have just the right amount of offensive and defensive automotive advertising in place. Offense gets their interest … defense keeps the customer on your playing field. A complete team wins championships! If you’re not sure if you have the right mixture of each, fill out the form on this page for a FREE Automotive Advertising Review. We’ll thoroughly analyze your current marketing efforts and give you our expert feedback. You’ll be amazed at what JKR Advertising can do for your dealership’s offensive and defensive automotive advertising!