The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

Difference Between Advertising and MarketingDo you know the difference between advertising and marketing? Many people think they are the same, while others sometimes confuse advertising with marketing or vice versa. For an auto dealer, they are both very important … but different. Today’s blog will focus on helping you understand the difference between advertising and marketing.

The best place to start is defining each of them. Advertising is a persuasive presentation of a product, idea or organization to an audience of existing and potential customers. Marketing is the planning, implementation and control of getting products and services introduced into the marketplace.

An Easy Way to Tell

Unless you read these definitions a few times, it’s easy to understand how they can be confused with each other. But here is the easiest way to remember it: Advertising is part of marketing, but it is just one part of the entire marketing process. Other parts of marketing could include things like media planning, public relations, distribution, sales strategy, and so on – with the different components of a marketing strategy varying by company for reasons such as the product or service they offer, their budget, and their overall goals.

This is a major part of the reason why we have always called ourselves JKR Advertising & Marketing … because we can do everything for an automotive dealer. Even if our clients don’t know the difference between advertising and marketing, that’s just fine with us – because we do!

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