It’s All About Differentiation

DifferentiationDifferentiation is the key to connecting with potential customers and making your dealership top-of-mind with them. In a recent blog, we documented how important it is to establish your brand (think: differentiation) in the marketplace, and included some tips on how to make this happen. These included knowing who you are and being able to articulate it in your advertising; having a specific plan and carrying it out; being consistent with your message across all advertising platforms; resisting the temptation to be a “me-too” dealership; and being proactive.


These are indeed great ways to establish yourself in your market. But what are some specific ways to get the most out of your strategy, especially in Radio and TV advertising? Today, we offer a few suggestions that will help with differentiation between your store and the ones down the street from you.


∙ Be sure your ads contain a disruption – but in a good way: When you include a certain something that makes the viewer/listener stop in their tracks  and want to know what’s happening, it’s the first step in getting them to come to your dealership. JKR is known in the industry as the experts in disruption!


∙ Have a catchy slogan or tagline – and stick with it over time: Everyone remembers catchy slogans like, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”, “Just Do It” and “What’s in Your Wallet?” While these are all national campaigns, there’s no reason your dealership’s tagline can’t be just as well-known on a local basis. JKR has coined slogans standing the test of time for many of its clients, so let us come up with something that will work wonders for you!


∙ Music and/or a jingle: A jingle is nothing more than a very short, catchy song about a business. Customized jingles or specifically designed music helps recollection of an auto dealership (or any other company, for that matter). Think about the jingles that are heard on radio and television – and how often you catch yourself singing along with them even if it’s just in your head and not aloud. A well-produced jingle and/or music score, such as the ones JKR provides its clients with – are invaluable.


Make Differentiation Work for You

Are your advertisements being noticed – and getting results – as much as you’d like? If not, you probably lack differentiation and you should call JKR … today! Give us 30 days, and you’ll experience improvements in foot traffic and sales like you’ve never seen before. Contact Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 or at and mention this blog to get the ball rolling. For your efforts, he will give you FREE Advertising Review chock full of info you’ll find useful whether or not you ever retain us as your agency!


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