Do Great Auto Advertising All By Yourself

Auto Advertising by Yourself

During an auto advertising conversation between the decision maker and an account executive who was trying to set up an appointment to make a presentation, the auto dealer said, “I do great! I do the advertising all by myself, why would I ever need you? It’s easy!”

You know, automotive advertising can be very easy! That’s if you are the only auto dealer in town and it has only one TV station, one radio station, one newspaper, one zip code, one billboard, and one bus. Oh yeah, not to be forgotten, one demographic profile. 

Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s never as simple, and that’s the point, it’s complicated, very complicated. But when you’re loud and clear, people will perceive you not necessarily as being “No place else to go but The place to go!

How do you attain that level of perception in auto advertising?
Reach and frequency.
 Reach is the number of people exposed to your media schedule; and frequency is the number of times your message is exposed to those people. Without having a clear understanding of these terms, or the ability to measure them, you cannot have an auto advertising campaign as effective as it could be.

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