Do Not Deviate From Advertising When Things are Unusual

Don't DeviateEven when it seems like the proverbial deck is stacked against you because of what’s happening at your dealership, do not deviate from advertising. Why? For example’s sake, let’s take a closer look at the real-life experience of a West Coast-based JKR client. When you read about their story, you would think they’d have every reason to throw in the towel on advertising for a few months … but they didn’t, and today, they are being richly rewarded for their stay-the-course strategy.

The Issues

∙ The city in which our client resides closed the road in front of the dealership’s main entrance for repairs. It is currently nothing more than mud and rubble.


∙ Their building facility is in the middle of a major renovation. Deals are being worked at makeshift tables as offices and desks had to be abandoned.


∙ Anyone wishing to go to their store has to park across the street and walk – to a structure that is under construction.


But instead of resigning itself to several “down months” while road repairs and renovations took place, our client decided to stay on the offensive, rather than just roll over and accept a bad season. Guess what’s happened as they continued their advertising?

The JKR Solutions

∙ They have met and bested their sales challenge numbers.


∙ Despite these obstacles, there is actually a slight uptick in customer volume over the same time period a year ago.


∙ They are dealing with better customers, as their gross profit, net profit and dealer cash numbers are up significantly from the same period in 2014.

The Takeaway

What’s the takeaway from this blog? If a client with that much stuff working against them is flourishing, just imagine what your dealership could do with JKR as its agency! (By the way, if you want to know more, call us and we’ll tell you the identity of this dealer – and we’ll even give you his phone number so you can get the information firsthand!)


Never under any circumstances should you deviate from advertising – with one exception. The only time you should ever stop advertising is when you have all the customers you want. So far, we have not yet encountered an auto dealer who has complained of experiencing this “problem.”

FREE Advertising Report

If automotive advertising and marketing are not your areas of expertise, that’s OK … because JKR Automotive Advertising & Marketing is the industry giant. Remember, the other dealerships in your market aren’t going to stop advertising anytime soon no matter what’s happening at your store, so don’t deviate from your advertising plans, either! Instead, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777. You will be rewarded with a FREE Advertising Report filled with valuable information about your market and your competition.


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