Why it Pays to Do Your Research

Do Your ResearchIt pays to do your research (or have professionals do it for you) if you’re a auto dealer – and it costs you more than you think if you don’t. As a dealership prepares its monthly advertising campaigns, there is vital information it should know prior to beginning the process. Among them are questions that should be easily answerable.


Questions to Help Do Your Research

Who are the best prospects in your community? If you’re not 100% sure about this, you can’t be certain you are targeting the right audience – and you’re probably wasting money.


What is the best way to reach them? Is it radio, television, Internet, print or something else? Is it a combination of more than one? Without scientific data to show the right direction, the best you can hope for is an “educated guess”. But what if that guess is wrong?


How often does a potential customer need to see/hear an ad before it sticks with them? Expose your message to them too few times and they won’t remember it; however, too many times is wasteful. Finding the right number is invaluable to the success of any advertising strategy.


What’s the income level of a typical customer? If you know, it helps greatly in targeting the most potentially receptive consumers in your area.


What segment(s) do the cars you sell fall into? Be sure your advertising appropriately for your customers, just as we mentioned above.


What’s going to make them want to buy a car specifically from you? If you cannot readily think of multiple reasons, it’s time for you to seek the help of an automotive advertising agency.


Who are your direct competitors? It’s a mistake to bury your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist. You can learn a lot from your competition. There will be certain things they do well (and don’t do well), and you if you study them you can take their best qualities and incorporate them into your business model.


As you go through the process of answering these questions, be sure you don’t look at things from your point of view. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of a typical person in your target audience, because it’s quite possible your opinions are quite different from theirs.


A great advertising campaign is made possible by doing homework – the kind of specific market research only a skilled automotive advertising agency like JKR can do. Conversely, not knowing the answers to these and other questions will cost you far more in the long run.



To help you do your research, JKR is offering you a complimentary advertising review. Reports of this complexity typically have a large price tag attached, but JKR is offering it free of charge and without obligation. It’s the first step toward finding out what you’ve been missing (and didn’t even know it). To see what’s out there for you, contact Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777.


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