Dominate Your Advertising Targets (or Don’t Bother)

DominateWhen you advertise, be sure to dominate in whatever you’re doing. Doing things half-heartedly is a mistake, and you’ll never get more than lukewarm results when you decide to spread your advertising budget too thin.


Here’s why: effective advertising takes both reach and frequency. If you are part of a large dealership or dealer group, you could conceivably have a large enough budget to get good reach and frequency on any number of radio and/or television stations (broadcast or cable).


However, if you don’t fall into that category, it is important that you do one or two things well, rather than trying to do multiple things not-so-well. That means if you can’t dominate all the radio stations in your market, pick out the one or two that make the most sense – and make them yours. Once you see an uptick in sales from that, add another station or two.


If you don’t do it this way, you will lack the frequency necessary to have any kind of impact in the marketplace. If a prospective customer only hears your message once, the odds are very low that they will remember you when it’s time for them to go car shopping.


Of course, each dealership’s situation and budget are unique. Determining the right budget amount for your store takes a thorough knowledge of reach and frequency; an understanding of your market that only the latest software and media buying experience can provide; and the insight of knowing how other stores not in your market have thrived in similar situations. Without having an automotive advertising agency like JKR on your side, you’re only able to guess what budget and media buys make the most sense for your store – which leads to wasted advertising. And it’s pretty hard to dominate when you are spending your ad budget in a scattershot manner!


How to Dominate

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