Ford Shows Off Impaired Driving Simulator

Driving SimulatorThrough the use of an impaired driving simulator, Ford has found an interesting way to hammer home an important point – how difficult it really is to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence. The company is showing off the technology, called Ford Driving Skills for Life, at this week’s Detroit International Auto Show.


Ford reps take advantage of the simulator’s abilities, traveling to high schools in an effort to emphatically show young drivers that driving under the influence is something to be avoided. Among their many activities is a driving course that features instruction on defensive driving techniques. There is also a Ford Mustang that is programmed to purposely “fishtail” so that teens will know how to handle this situation should it occur in real life.


Additionally, braces on the elbows, knees and neck of young motorists simulate impairment restrictions; and a pair of specially designed goggles and ear muffs further enhance the effect. When the young drivers experience the simulator, they realize just how difficult it is to operate a motor vehicle when impaired – even at very low speeds and in a controlled environment. It leaves quite an impression, just as it did on the reporters who tried it at the auto show.


To learn more about the driving simulator program, you can visit Additionally, if you know anyone who is relatively new to driving, it wouldn’t hurt them to check out the site, as it’s full of helpful information that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


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