Early 2015 Car Sales are Up. How about Your Store?

Early 2015 Car SalesEarly 2015 car sales numbers are up even more than anticipated, despite some of the most frigid temperatures on record in some parts of the country. If you want to read more about this current upward trend in new-car sales, check out this article from Automotive News. It should provide you with a little bit of hope – or if nothing else, cautious optimism.

That said, there are some dealers out there who are still not getting their fair share of sales, despite the early 2015 car sales figures referenced earlier. If your dealership falls into the category of underperformer, it’s time to take a closer look at why this is happening.

Early 2015 Car Sales Optimism?

If you are in the New England area, you have a good excuse. One hundred inches of snow is problematic; we get that. But if your store isn’t in the greater Boston area and your dealership didn’t “kill it” in February, a well-placed call to JKR Automotive Advertising should be the first order of business. You need a strong, knowledgeable advocate to help you drive people to your dealership … and your store’s Website, too, for that matter. You should have someone on your side who can help you plan well beyond just this month. That’s us; that’s what we do for all our clients on a regular basis at JKR Automotive Advertising.

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