Emotional Automotive Advertising Can Be Very Effective

Emotional Automotive AdvertisingEmotional automotive advertising: how does it work? If you paid close attention to the commercial breaks during this year’s Super Bowl, you may have noticed how many advertisements tried to play upon your emotions. One that comes quickly to mind is the Nissan advertisement called “With Dad” that featured the familiar ballad Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin in the background. There was the Budweiser ad with the lost puppy rescued by the Clydesdales at the last second. (We won’t even mention the Nationwide Insurance commercial that was surely one of the most depressing ads this blogger has ever seen. The Super Bowl was certainly not the time and place for an ad like that, but I digress.)

There were others, too, and they made me think about the tremendous impact emotion can have on advertising. In our automotive advertising agency world, we use it often. It makes a lot of sense, when you think about it, because emotion demands attention. It is such a powerful thing it often dominates one’s sense of cognitive thinking; in other words, there are times when emotion is actually more powerful than reason.

Emotional Automotive Advertising Tips

So how does this translate into automotive advertising? Very well, as long as it’s executed correctly! In emotional automotive advertising, the emotion itself should not detract from why the ad was made in the first place. In this case, it is to make a consumer come to the dealership (or at minimum, visit the dealership Website), and hopefully buy a car. To be effective, the ad cannot distract the customer from its real purpose!

In addition, we have to be realistic when we use emotion. Something too overly dramatic will turn off a potential customer. You only want to go to the point where the advertisement is memorable – and stop there. If you go too far (perhaps like that Nationwide commercial I referenced earlier), you’ll have a memorable ad, but for all the wrong reasons. To summarize, you want your automotive ads to be memorable and enjoyable!

Automotive dealers nationwide count on JKR Automotive Advertising for memorable advertisements – emotional or otherwise. Each client is different and has his own likes and dislikes, and fortunately, our creative team is always there with a variety of options for each dealer in the JKR family. Give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777 to learn about what we can do for your store!

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