Get ‘Em Before they Need a Car … Using Entertainment

EntertainmentEntertainment can be the deciding factor used to persuade a customer to buy a car from your dealership. In a recent Monday Morning Memo (the column on the Website of Roy Williams, the renowned “Wizard of Ads”), the premise of one particular correspondence was this: You need to make the customer fall in love with you long before they are in need of your product or service. This is particularly true for an auto dealership!


How do you win the affection of a prospective customer? According to the column, one way to do it is by making your ads entertaining enough that they hold the interest of those in your community. If you can gain the interest of someone via your commercials, they will think of you first – and have a positive feeling about you – when the time comes that they actually begin to shop for a new or pre-owned vehicle.


The thought process here is that entertainment brings us pleasure – and because there are so many things we deal with on a daily basis that don’t do that for us, we are especially drawn to the things that do. The article is absolutely correct, and over time entertaining commercials build brand awareness for your store.


If your dealership has not built this kind of brand awareness, the odds of luring a customer to your dealership simply aren’t going to be in your favor. In fact, research shows that about 80% of consumers turn to brands they are familiar with when the need for a product or service arises.

JKR: That’s Entertainment!

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