Businesses don’t fail. Leaders do.

Failure in business is almost never a failure of business. It’s a failure of leadership.

Studies from Harvard Business Review and others have proven that managers frequently attribute their successes to their own efforts and their failures to environmental factors. Failure, though, is frequently avoidable with enough insight and effort, regardless of what’s going on in the industry.

So if your new-car sales are suffering this year – if you’re behind the natural market share for your brand (compare your numbers with the chart below) – ask yourself why and how you can fix it. Because failure can be avoided with the right approach.


The right approach

What is that approach? Looking at the data that matters.

We’re inundated with data today. But not all of it matters. Look at what the relevant data says and follow the findings. With very little research, you’ll see that the data is pretty clear: Traditional, proven media is the single most effective form of advertising. New agencies will try to sell you on digital, but the truth is, you won’t accelerate intenders or conquest competitors’ intenders – the only two ways to sell cars – by getting people to your website and viewing your Facebook page.

Traditional media creates buyers. Digital advertising can never create buyers; it can only steer them in your direction if they hear about you on traditional media first.

Traditional media first

You simply must create a presence that precedes digital. Radio and television allow you to do that. The American Marketing Association, which impartially analyzes every media type, concludes:

Overall, the results make it clear that traditional advertising remains a critical ingredient in company success. It has a direct and indirect positive impact on customer acquisition and brand equity. In fact, it is the most effective approach to growing new customer acquisition, brand awareness, and brand consideration.

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