Four Successful Commercial Ingredients

Four Successful Commercial IngredientsThere are four successful commercial ingredients that are found in the best automotive advertisements. If you have all four, customers will come to your dealership in large numbers. However, if you leave even one of them out of your automotive advertising, you will have significantly lessened its effectiveness. So … are you ready to find about the four successful commercial ingredients? Here we go.

First, the commercial must be intrusive enough to break through the clutter. (Radio is considered intrusive because, while you can close your eyes, you can’t close your ears. Words, slogans and jingles are also intrusive because they make people stop and take notice.)

Second, your advertisement must present clear reasons why a prospective customer should want to buy your products and services. Enough said on this one.

Third, there must be a special offer; but not just any special offer. It must be good enough to entice someone shopping for a car to come to your dealership. Actually, scratch that; in reality, it should be good enough to entice people who aren’t even looking for a car to come to your dealership!

Last, your advertisement should be time-sensitive to be its most effective. As a whole, car dealers are typically pretty good with this one. Here’s the thing: If there isn’t some degree of urgency that strikes the consumer, there is no reason for them to rush to your store. Why? Because they figure they can get the same deal next week … or next month … or whenever they are ready.

Do Your Ads Have What it Takes?

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