What’s the Cure for Frustrated Dealer Syndrome?

Frustrated Dealer Many automotive dealers suffer from Frustrated Dealer Syndrome. No, it isn’t a real medical condition (and truth be told, we came up with name ourselves), but some dealers probably can relate to this and would tell you it does feel like a real issue. What is it? Well, there often isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and still have a life outside of work.


Frustrated Dealer Symptoms

Between meeting with employees, monitoring the inventory, dealing with hot customers, making all your appointments, handling personnel issues and spending time with everything else that comes up, it’s a daily grind.


Then, once you’re finally through with everything, you still have to muster up the energy to think about your advertising if you don’t retain an agency (or don’t trust the one you have). It is no wonder Frustrated Dealer Syndrome is such an epidemic all over the country.


Side effects include burnout, anger, confusion, exhaustion and wondering what to do next. Worse still, these symptoms can trickle down into other facets of your life.


The Wonderful Solution

If this sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone. The good thing is that there is a cure for Frustrated Dealer Syndrome, and it’s just a phone call away.  JKR Automotive Advertising has helped many dealers just like you, and the assistance is easier and faster than you probably think.


JKR has earned the confidence and trust of more than 115 automotive dealerships of all sizes nationwide, and our clients routinely outperform their peers, markets and competitors.


As one of the nation’s top-five advertising agencies, JKR specializes in TV, Radio, Digital, Print and Public Relations. Our capacity for creating highly effective advertising campaigns is well-known, and our performance is reflected in the success of our clients.


To find out more, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777. In exchange for your time, he’ll provide you with a complimentary, no-strings-attached advertising review that will give you information you didn’t know about in your market. It’s well worth the effort, so call today!


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