General Automotive Advertising Tips for Car Dealers

General Automotive Advertising TipsToday we offer some general automotive advertising tips. The following suggestions will help you in all your advertising efforts, but they’re especially helpful in terms of your radio and television advertising campaigns.

List of General Automotive Advertising Tips

(1)    Don’t make the mistake of trying to reach too many people at once. It’s better to concentrate on more frequency to fewer people. Example: Instead of exposing your advertisement to 100 people one time, it’s better to send it five times to 20 people.

(2)    Cater your automotive advertising to the needs of your customers. It’s really easy for a car dealer to forget what’s important and produce self-serving ads. Remember, the customer is always thinking, “What’s in it for me?” If you take your eyes off that fact, your advertising will be less successful.

(3)    A dealer should not choose stations based on what he/she likes. For the same reason as above, the demographic of your audience should win the day. It isn’t about the car dealer; it’s all about the potential customer … and your customers are not all just like you.

(4)    Don’t offer up a weak budget and expect massive results. If you don’t make an appropriate investment in your automotive advertising budget (and that’s exactly what it is, an investment), you cannot realistically expect to capture more than a small share of the audience. Saturating the market seven days a week – every week – makes a huge difference, and you’ll see it in the form of increased foot traffic and a better bottom line.

(5)    Make sure your advertising is well-written. It can be clever; it can be serious. But whatever route you choose, it must include language that clearly indicates the message is from your store – and must include the “hooks” that make people want to buy cars.

These general automotive advertising tips clearly show you need to match the right audience to the right product or service … at the right time. If you can do that (assuming your product or service offers are enticing and presented in a smart, effective manner), you will be successful.

If you aren’t clear on how to make that happen … or if your current advertising isn’t achieving the results you want, give us a call today at (321) 397-0777 and ask for Eric Tigner.  JKR Automotive Advertising can turn these general automotive advertising tips into big profits for your dealership – and you’ll see unbelievable results faster than you ever thought possible. So what are you waiting for?

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