Getting Attention … the Goal of Any Advertiser

Getting AttentionAdvertisers produce their ads with the hope of getting attention. Through placement on the TV or radio airwaves, on the Internet, in print, on a billboard, or wherever … these advertisements allow a business to be front-and-center in someone’s face as they say, “LOOK AT US! WE’RE HERE! WE WANT YOU TO BUY OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TODAY!”

Since most (if not all) advertisers have the same goal – getting attention – why are there such varying degrees of effectiveness to ad campaigns?

Reach and frequency could be the issue. It could be that you’re not presenting your ad to the right number of people – or maybe not enough times. But assuming that isn’t the issue, then we have to go right to the heart of the matter, the advertisement itself; specifically, in this case, an advertisement for an automotive dealership.

Ask yourself these questions – and answer them honestly: Do my advertisements cause a prospective customer to stop what they’re doing and turn their focus on my ads? Are they powerful enough to make them actually envision themselves doing what you want them to do, which is come to your dealership and/or visit the dealership’s Website?

There is a science to making advertisements that are successful in getting attention. It requires words and pictures (where applicable) that create sharp, positive images of your dealership in the mind of a prospective buyer. It requires the inclusion of the all-important verbiage that cuts through the clutter in the consumer’s mind and convinces him/her that purchasing a vehicle from you is the right thing to do.

You Need Help Getting Attention

This is not easily done. If you want to do it right – and get the most bang for your buck, there’s a lot more to it that writing a few seconds of copy, mixing it in with music and/or pictures, and purchasing ad time. It takes an experienced automotive advertising agency like JKR to help you get the right mix of everything. If your dealership is not producing advertisements that are effective in getting attention, call Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777 to learn how to get things started down the path to maximum advertising effectiveness.

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