Traits of Good Salespeople

Good salespeople are worth their weight in gold! Why? There are about 30 automotive brands available to a car buyer today. Within each brand are several models. And within your market there may even be another dealership offering the exact same ones as you. That’s a lot of options – and a great deal to process for a potential customer – but good salespeople are the ones who have mastered the art of making people feel at ease.


Even though a customer may come to you with at least a general idea of what they want, it’s up to your employees to show them why they will benefit the most by buying their next new or pre-owned vehicle at your store.


Good Salespeople Make the Difference

Climb inside the mind of your typical prospect and examine their thought process. Once they realize they need a vehicle, their quest for more information ensues. Except for the rare occasions where they know exactly what they want (and from where they want it), they’ll spend lots of time seeing, hearing and researching information that pertains to automotive dealerships and specific models in their area. (Hint: this is where great advertising is its most effective.) After that, the customer narrows his/her search using this information plus any in-person visits they make. Eventually, a favorite vehicle is picked, at which time the customer must decide if they are ready to make the purchase; and if so, finding out if they can agree on price and payment terms with the dealership.


Most car buyers aren’t used to processing that much data in such a short period of time, and by the time it’s over with their heads might be swimming! Remember, even though you do deals every day, your customers don’t – and it’s why the whole car-buying experience is sometimes viewed as a negative experience in the minds of many. And that’s unfortunate, because it should be quite the opposite. Your customers should be fired up about driving home in a new (or new-to-them) car!


The best salespeople put themselves in the customer’s shoes. They are good listeners who can quickly (and non-threateningly) figure out the needs and wants of a prospective customer by asking the right questions, framing them intelligently to elicit the answers they need.

How you present your products – and your knowledge of them – makes a huge difference. Good salespeople always keep this in mind with every customer who sets foot in their dealership.


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