Google Maps Impacts Local Automotive Advertising

Google Maps Impacts Local Automotive Advertising

Google Maps impacts local automotive advertising by recently upgrading to become a personalized map based on consumer interests & customer reviews.

Today’s version of Google Maps simply shows a list of local businesses related to your search, showing business names, addresses and Google’s review ratings, marked by the red pin icon.

The new version of Google Maps will be significantly different, since it will only show companies that have several positive Google Plus reviews. The new version of Google Maps will highlight places you currently visit, like restaurants, offices & your home. Google also learns your preferences by the keywords you search for on, your Google Plus posts, and information in your Gmail inbox. When you visit a new city, Google will even recommend new places for you to visit, based on preferences from people with similar tastes & reviews for each business.
With the new Google Maps, there are 2 options for users to display Top Reviewers and Your Circles reviews.

What the New Google Maps Means for Local Automotive Advertising & Marketing

The key to being on the map is to focus in building a large amount of positive reviews. If you only have a handful of reviews and they are not stellar, you’re not going be on the map. So the Top Reviewers will make or break your online reputation. Therefore implementing a good reputation management strategy will be soon to be considered essential.
The more intriguing filter is Your Circles. For the past two years Google Plus has been regarded an after-thought. However, going forward, Google Plus should become an integral part of your automotive marketing strategy, especially if you are a local car dealer & want to show up on Google Maps. Car dealers will need to build a following, add people to their circles, and build up a loyal base of customers on their website.
The new layout is still in beta testing, but it’s coming rather quickly. I highly recommend Automotive Dealers focus on these two areas now, so that when the new Google Maps becomes available to the general public, your automotive dealership earns prominent placement.