Elements of a Great Ad in the Post-COVID World

A great ad during the COVID-19 pandemic is obviously not the same as a great ad under normal circumstances. Although we’re not completely out of the woods yet in terms of what’s happening with the coronavirus, things continue returning to normal. As such, it’s time to examine some of the key elements to a successful post-COVID ad campaign.


Great Ad Elements

Keep it Simple: When you only have 30 or 60 seconds, less is more. Focusing on a smaller number of things ensures your audience will remember what you said – and it could even leave them wanting to know more.


Make it Easily Identifiable: Be sure your dealership’s name and logo (in video productions) are mentioned and displayed often.


Make it Interesting: You can use facts, emotion, entertainment or a number of other tactics … but if your audience isn’t moved by it, it’s going to be less effective.


Make it Memorable: Think about how much advertising you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Make your dealership’s ads stand out from the crowd and you’ll reap the benefits.


Be Consistent: Spread the same message in all your platforms. This helps avoid confusion – the last thing you want when there are others nearby who sell the same products as you. Clearly representing your dealership and its mission ensures consistency.


Make it Credible: Believability is a big part of what makes people take notice of an ad. Potential customers won’t buy from you if they don’t think they can trust you.


Make Sure it Reaches the Right Audience: Reach and frequency must be sufficient for an advertisement to truly be effective. Getting the most people you can to see your messages (reach) is great, but that isn’t the only element involved. It typically takes multiple exposures (frequency) to your message before you can expect any kind of response.


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