Have We Reached Peak Car?

If you’ve read any automotive trade journals or financial magazines over the last ten years, you’ve seen dozens of sky-is-falling articles proclaiming that the world has reached “peak car,” and lamenting that we’ve seen as many cars on the road as we’ll ever see again.


The only problem? We haven’t reached peak car sales.


In 2011, we were told 2006 was peak. In 2015, they said we’d reached peak in 2011. And in 2019 – you guessed it – they swore we reached peak car status in 2015.


Why all the doom and gloom? It is true that demographics are changing. Millennials are cash-strapped, and older Boomers are hanging up their car keys. But the key cohort – Gen X – still wants to own a car, preferably a new one.


So what are you supposed do with all this competing information? Exactly what you’ve been doing: researching the trends, pricing competitively, and offering great customer service.


Of course, you market your dealership like there’s no tomorrow. Set yourself apart from all the others in your APR. Your brand (your dealership and your make) has to stay top of mind so your customers choose you when the time is right.


Let JKR Advertising show you how. We’re unique among agencies because we work with only car dealers. We’ve got more experience than anyone in the business. Most importantly, we’ve got proven results! 


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