Holiday Advertising Ruled by TV and Radio

Holiday AdvertisingIt’s holiday advertising season again. Each year at this time, every automotive advertising agency is planning their holiday budget allocations, readying advertisements for the purpose of getting the most people into their showrooms in the shortest possible time.

While a lot can be said about online advertising and e-mail promotions, TV and radio advertising are still the kings … especially over the holidays. Let’s take a closer look at why these “traditional” forms of automotive advertising still work best.

Why TV Holiday Advertising?

First of all, TV advertising still commands the largest audience. On average, Americans spend between four and five hours per day in front of their televisions. Better still, recent research shows that TV commercials have an impact upon nearly 80 percent (79 to be exact) of Holiday season retail purchases.

Oh, and what about the people who record their programs and fast-forward through the commercials? That’s one of the biggest arguments about TV these days. But research done by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business showed that fast-forwarding the commercials actually makes them more effective. Why? Two reasons. First, when people are fast-forwarding a program they’re paying close attention to what’s on the screen; and second, the mental resistance goes down when the ads are running so quickly across their screen.

Why Radio Holiday Advertising?

Radio is the best at getting foot traffic to your store. Research has shown that it can often take less than a day for radio advertisements to have a positive impact upon the number of customers at your dealership. LatentView Analytics data shows a direct correlation between retail sales and Holiday Advertising via radio.

Radio holiday advertising is so effective because people typically spend more time in their cars during the holiday season – and thus, more time listening to the radio. Additionally, because their minds are usually preoccupied with other things, they can be more easily influenced by a radio ad – similar to the TV scenario referred to earlier.

If your dealership is not running radio and/or television advertisements, the first question that should be asked is why not? We at JKR Automotive Advertising can answer that question for you, completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligation. At your request, we’ll do a thorough analysis of your media market and your competition to see if you’re getting the most bang for your buck with your current advertising efforts. We’ll give you our expert feedback that will help you immensely going forward. Simply give us a call at (321) 397-0777 today and ask for Eric Tigner. We’ll do the rest.

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