Advertise What’s Hot … Without Forgetting What’s Not

hotHave a product that’s hot on your lot? These days, it very well could be an SUV. According to this article in Autoweek, Americans will buy 10 million trucks and SUVs this year, the first time that will have ever happened in a calendar year. Conversely, car sales are projected to fall below seven million for the first time since 2011 – and only the fourth time since 1962. This trend is expected to continue due to low gas prices, which are expected to continue into the foreseeable future.


With this paradigm shift in progress, how should this affect your advertising? In most cases, you should advertise what’s hot, in an effort to make those products even hotter and draw additional customers to your dealership.


However, if a dealer has a glut of a certain model sitting on the lot, it may behoove them to find a suitable hook to effectively persuade customers to purchase less-popular products.


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