iHeartMedia Honors JKR Advertising at NY Headquarters

Today more than ever, traditional AM/FM radio continues to be a cost-effective advertising option for America’s automobile dealers. Because of this, a tremendous working relationship has developed between iHeartMedia and JKR Advertising & Marketing … leading to the media giant honoring the automotive advertising leader as one of its top partners.


Key iHeartMedia executives hosted JKR Partners Jeff Johnson, Richard Brauns, Kevin Baumann and Jon Albert in New York this past week, recognizing them for their work.


“It was amazing to hear JKR’s partners talk about why they love radio, how they see the evolution of radio over the past several years and why they continue to recommend it,” said Jonathan Faulkner, iHeartMedia Senior Vice President of Digital. “They understand that broadcast radio drives consideration and awareness.”


The wide-reaching scope of iHeart (it owns more than 850 stations nationwide), along with radio’s ability to affordably target large numbers of specific listeners multiple times, make iHeartRadio a valuable advertising tool for JKR’s clients. In fact, it is so effective that JKR ranked second in Tier III (local/dealer) automotive agency in the United States for iHeartRadio advertising placement.


“It was very interesting to see the impressive research the iHeart executives prepared for us,” Johnson said. “We were able to see how JKR compared to other agencies, not only in terms of media billing but also how remarkable our schedules were in causing a significant lift in our clients’ Web traffic.”


In addition to Faulkner, JKR met with John Mackenzie, Divisional Vice President of Automotive, Midwest and Southeast; Joie Davis, Vice President of Automotive, North Florida; Cameron Brown, Division Vice President – Digital Sales; and Nancy Andreatas, Senior Account Manager.


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