Incentives Are Plentiful. How Do You Tell Your Customers About Them?

During the past year, the automotive industry has experienced a long-anticipated recovery period. Dealership inventories have been replenished to pre-pandemic levels (or at least close to it), which means more vehicles are available to today’s car buyers. Along with this resurgence comes the manufacturers’ response: a marked increase in customer incentives.

Of course, during the COVID period, these “customer carrots” were few and far between because the manufacturers simply didn’t need them; after all, they were moving metal faster than they could get it!

As things continue returning to normal and interest rates are predicted to fall, there comes a refocusing in priorities for automobile dealers. Today, one of the secrets to continued success lies in effectively communicating the available incentives to those in the local communities in which dealerships reside.

Need Assistance Getting the Word Out?
The best way to ensure customer awareness of incentives is working with a skilled, experienced automotive advertising agency like JKR. Our clients trust us to be an invaluable resource to help them surpass all their advertising goals – including letting those in your community know about the great deals available to them as a direct result of customer incentive programs.

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