Inside the Automotive Advertisement: What’s Really Important

Inside the Automotive AdvertisementToday’s blog takes you inside the automotive advertisement. Each year when winter approaches, our thoughts turn to the Super Bowl, the annual championship football game pitting the NFL’s two best teams against each other. But even if you have no interest in the game itself, the commercial breaks are always insanely popular with almost everyone. Thus, it’s no surprise that last year, Super Bowl commercials cost advertisers about $4.5 million for a single 30-second spot.


Now let’s imagine that your dealership has just plunked down that cool $4.5 million for next year’s game and, and as a result, you now possess 30 seconds in which you can tell the entire country about the virtues of your store. How would you present yourself to the masses?


Your first and strongest inclination might be something like this: our commercial should certainly be entertaining and memorable. While these traits are certainly pluses, they are not the most important things. If you don’t believe us, just take a quick look at what Forbes believes to be the Worst Super Bowl ads of all-time. Each of these spots is certainly entertaining in its own way … but some are just flat-out creepy, while others simply don’t spend enough time highlighting the actual products, services or even the brand name for which the advertisement is actually intended. So what can we take from this? Even if they are memorable, that doesn’t necessarily make them good; in fact, in some cases “memorable” can be bad!

Don’t Forget the Main Ingredient

JKR’s clients succeed in their own markets because we remind them of this one key element: Don’t ever let the need for entertaining your customers override what you’re trying to do with your advertising, which is asking the customer for his/her business … and telling them why your dealership is worthy of it! Whether an advertisement is funny, serious or anywhere in between, it must always contain verbiage and/or visual elements that actually motivate people to buy cars from you.


Is humor a good thing for a local auto dealer’s commercials? It certainly can be helpful, but it isn’t essential; and it doesn’t sell cars unless accompanied by a solid sales message.


Should a local dealership’s car commercials be memorable? Yes, of course, but only for reasons that are positive in nature.

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Whether it’s for the local media or a spot in the Super Bowl ad rotation, JKR Automotive Advertising knows what it takes to produce highly successful commercials for its clients. We also specialize in getting them seen and heard by the right audiences. If you’d like to work with JKR, give Eric Tigner a call today at (321) 397-0777. We’ll get you on the road to prosperity in no time, and you will never have to worry about an “Advertising Malfunction” (a little Super Bowl humor; we couldn’t resist).


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