Radio Tells Story, Creates Urgency

InsideradioAccording to two recent articles released by, radio automotive advertising has a definite knack of steering potential customers into dealership showrooms all across the country. These ads cause a favorable reaction among the nearly 85% of potential car shoppers who hear hem prior to visiting automotive showrooms during the always-critical Friday-Sunday time period that accounts for about four-fifths of all auto sales.


LaNeve and

Why are they so adept at creating action? There are several reasons, and we’ll let an industry expert tell you about some of them. Mark LaNeve, Ford’s Vice President of US Marketing, Sales and Service, said the storytelling capabilities of radio are excellent for highlighting differences among vehicles, such as in the areas of technology and safety. He also said, “Radio provides scale and high ROI at a reasonable cost.”


LaNeve also told that his company made an adjustment to its automotive budget for August and September, and the end result were two of its best months of the year. Why? Because radio allows his company to send specific, targeted messages to potential customers based on factors such as demographics, lifestyle and geographic location.


So when it comes time for the customer to decide where he or she is going to buy a car, radio is the magic bullet that draws attention to dealerships savvy enough to have a major presence on the airwaves. You should think about these things if radio is not a significant part of your monthly advertising strategy.


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