Internet Sales Leads Must be Addressed Promptly

Internet Sales LeadsIf you don’t work Internet sales leads quickly, quite often they will no longer be leads at all by the time you get around to addressing them. According to a study done by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, executed by the Kellogg School of Management (referenced in this article in the Wizard of Ads Website), if a sales lead was generated online, contact rate declines by 99 percent if an hour goes by and the lead has not been worked … versus if there was a response within five minutes.


The most obvious question is why? Simply put, the Internet has made us all the kings and queens of “online attention deficit disorder”. If we don’t get the information we want in one Website, more often than not there are plenty of other places to get it, so we simply move on.


If the Internet sales lead is not quickly followed up upon, there’s a good chance the potential customer will visit numerous other Websites; thus, by the time someone contacts them they may not even recall ever visiting your dealership’s Website at all. Here’s another pitfall: a more attentive dealership – maybe even one that sells the same cars as you – could’ve already beaten you to the punch.

Internet Sales Leads: The Process

So while it’s true people don’t typically buy a car on the Internet sight unseen the same way they might buy a household item or electronic gadget, consumers in the market for a vehicle do a great deal of online research prior to making the in-person purchase. That means you can’t wait until you see them in your showroom to begin answering their questions. Having the ability to anticipate and answer many of a consumer’s questions on your Website – and quickly working Internet sales leads – is how the process should begin. If you’re waiting for the in-person showroom visit to do all the selling, you’re too late – because you can bet someone else has already been in contact with them in one form or another.


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