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Automotive Advertising Tips From  “The Car Guys” at JKR

Three tips to increase traffic:

Over 50 years of combined success in the automotive advertising world allows us to share our indisputable knowledge with dealers out there, who are just getting started or still figuring it out. Follow our lead. We make market leaders.

  1. Whenever possible, retain an outside perspective of your current advertising strategy. We offer a free, no-obligation comprehensive analysis of your current situation, and our highly skilled Account Executives offer suggestions for immediate improvement.
  2. Question everything! Whatever you do, if you can’t clearly see it working, it’s not. Stop wasting your money, energy, and time on it.
  3. Take the JKR digital challenge! Here’s the third and probably the most valuable tip we can offer in today’s e-newsletter. The JKR digital challenge: You could be receiving better service for less, and much higher ROI.

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