Automotive Advertising is an Investment

InvestmentAn investment. That’s what an auto dealer should consider their advertising strategies. Though sometimes it does, advertising doesn’t typically take root overnight to give you the “instant gratification” of record sales.


It isn’t as simple as airing a TV or radio commercials or running a few newspaper ads, and expecting the dealership’s “doors to swing and the phones to ring.” Rome wasn’t built in a day … and neither was a car dealer’s reputation. That said, however, we at JKR Advertising have been known to help our clients achieve the seemingly impossible in a very short period of time!


It takes a consistent message with the right amount of reach and frequency to create the positive momentum necessary to see results. You can (and should) change the actual content of your advertisements frequently, but the message itself should always be about what makes your dealership bigger and better than the other dealerships in your market.


Remember, too, that automotive advertising is “immediate response” advertising. This means you want customers to see your commercial, then come in and buy a car from you sometime in the very near future. In order to do that, the ads must highlight the benefits of your dealership and its products and services; it must get to the point fairly quickly; it must be attention-grabbing; it must contain a worthwhile offer; and it must be easy to follow and understand.


When you continue to market your store, you are strengthening your identity – and you have a distinct advantage over the dealerships who don’t. Simply put, to survive and grow, you need a steady, unfailing message that the folks in your market will understand and remember; in other words, an investment in advertising is not only a good idea, it’s very, very necessary!


Maximize Your Investment

If you need increased traffic at your dealership, you need an investment in JKR Automotive Advertising. If you’re already a successful dealer, think about what it would be like with an even bigger piece of your market share. As an exclusive automotive advertising agency, JKR makes its clients easy to remember… and difficult to ignore. Call Eric Tigner at (321) 397-0777 today for a free, no-strings-attached automotive advertising and marketing review, and find out what JKR can do for your dealership!


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