Why Radio Advertising? Because it is Personal.

It is PersonalThis time, it is personal! What are we talking about? Radio advertising, of course. Many experts refer to local radio as the original form of social media, the first way live interaction was established between people not in the same room. All these years later radio still flourishes, and advertisers still trust it to provide the exact same thing. Local radio stations continue deliver programming that establishes a real connection with listeners – and they do so in a way that is far more effective than other forms of media.


Think about what a huge advertising opportunity this is for an auto dealership!


Radio stations promote followers. Followers have an affinity for specific personalities and types of programming. The varied kinds of music and/or talk radio generate a great deal of support among each category – think about how passionate people are about their favorite music or talk show.


You have a pretty good idea of the type of listener each genre attracts. This allows you to target a specific message for the stations relevant to the demographics of your typical customer, and radio’s cost effectiveness gives you the opportunity for reach and frequency necessary for an effective radio advertising campaign. (Reach = on how many stations can you air your ad; Frequency = how many times can it air on each station?)


Oh, by the way, don’t be fooled by those who say local radio is slipping; it’s just not true! In 2004, there were just under 12,000 radio stations in the United States; today, that number is almost the same. In addition, the listenership of “traditional radio” is very similar, too. Here’s what media giant Nielsen has to say: Radio, one of the original mass media, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere — with 243 million Americans listening weekly. That means more than 91% of Americans (age 12 or older) are tuning in each week.


Radio: How it is Personal for You

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