Jim Sipala Kia Dealerships Retain JKR Advertising

Jim Sipala Kia DealershipsEach of the two Jim Sipala Kia dealerships (Kia of West Chester and Coatesville, PA) operates under the same premise. “I explain to employees that it’s all about building relationships first,” Sipala explained. “You have to get to know a customer, and find out about their needs and wants. Only then have you actually earned the right to ask for their business.”

About the Jim Sipala Kia Dealerships

If you get the idea that Sipala believes in rolling up his sleeves and going the extra mile, you’d be right! He is a self-made man who started out in construction, but was looking for a different career path. “In 1980 I decided to try the automotive industry, and the man at the first dealership I visited told me I wasn’t cut out to be in the automotive business,” Sipala recalls. Undeterred, he tried again and landed a job. “Once that second dealership hired me, I knew that if I worked hard and kept my customers happy, I’d be successful. That mindset is still true today.”

The Jim Sipala Kia dealerships are proof positive his hard work has paid off. “I purchased the West Chester store in 2004, and we later moved into our current location at 326 Westtown Road,” Sipala said. “About six years ago we purchased the Kia of Coatesville store (located at 2535 East Lincoln Highway), and we recently did a full remodel.”

Sipala recently retained the services of JKR Automotive Advertising. JKR Managing Partner Jeff Johnson, who is also handling the account, is excited about the new opportunity. “We’ve done our homework, and we know based on our market data that these two Kia stores have the ability to gain a greater market share,” he said. “We’re going to help them do that.”

Sipala is very active in the local communities his stores serve. Among his many philanthropic interests is Bringing Hope Home, an organization dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to families affected by cancer. “I believe I have been blessed with these two stores as the vehicles through which I can help others,” he said.

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