JKR Advertising Holiday Party

JKR Automotive Advertising Agency

Last Friday, December 9, at 310 Lakeside in downtown Orlando, the JKR Advertising celebrated our 4th Annual Holiday Mosh Pit…OK it wasn’t a mosh pit but an entirely charming evening filled with a lot of laughs, terrific food & drink and the highlight of the night the Chinese Gift Exchange. There had been considerable discussion as to whether to keep the “Chinese” part in the title, as it excluded other Asian cultures and peoples. But we decided not to yield to political correctness for once and kept the title as stated in Wikipedia. One suggested “Pacific Rim Gift Exchange” but it was shouted down with such anger and loathing, it was if the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street had been double booked in the same space and Andrew Dice Clay was Master of Ceremonies. It got very ugly very fast. After the police left, another round of libation/fortification was distributed, the process of closure and forgiveness commenced with the gift exchange.

Partners Steven Lorenzo – an Italian by the way – and Jon Albert – not an Italian – conducted the exchange. If they not had the pace and tempo of the true professionals they are, we would’ve gotten out of there in half the time – maybe even less. It would be remiss not to mention Steven Lorenzo’s announcement of his new modeling career when he distributed his heads hot attired in a custom-made Robert Graham shirt. The photo provided a handy and convenient place to stick the skewers and toothpicks we were all left holding after the finger food was passed around. We’ll post the picture as soon as the county forensics people release it back to us.

Jeanette Ritz, Miguel Rodriguez and Heather Strain deserve genuine thanks for making the evening all it was and for convincing the authorities and 310 Lakeside management that no further action would be necessary. Photo Credits belong to Morgan Foy, except for the photos of Morgan, and she knows which ones are which.

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