JKR Creativity is Unique

JKR CreativityWhy is JKR creativity so unique, and from where does it originate? How can our automotive advertising agency consistently produce radio and television commercials that regularly move the proverbial needle? Most of what makes us so special centers around two specific words … knowledge and passion.

JKR Creativity: Knowledge

∙ We know all about our clients’ customers – and their prospects.

∙ We know a great deal about competition in each of our clients’ media markets.

∙ Our knowledge of the auto industry as a whole is a big benefit to our clients.

∙ We know what’s going on outside the automotive world, too!

∙ We know that to be successful, we must see things through the eyes of the customer.

JKR Creativity: Passion

∙ We spend a great deal of time perfecting our craft.

∙ We are eager to do the best job possible, taking no shortcuts to do so.

∙ We are not afraid to ask questions to get the answers we need.

∙ We take note of what’s working … and what’s not … around the country.

∙ We are a group of highly creative, diverse individuals whose talents come together to produce the best ads in the business.

FREE Advertising Report

Take the first step to experiencing the JKR creativity for yourself. Ask us for your JKR Automotive Advertising Market Share and Performance Profile – and you’ll get it, completely free of charge. This is a customized, in-depth study of your local market and its dealerships, including your top competitors. Filled with the latest data, it is an accurate, numerically based, scientific assessment of your dealership. This report will show you:


∙ Info on your top competitors (what they’re spending, and where they’re spending it)

∙ Which media gets the most response in your market

∙ How to win untapped business in your area

∙ Where you should be advertising, and why


To get yours, contact Eric Tigner today at (321) 397-0777; or etigner@jkrads.com. Once you receive it, you’ll begin to realize that there’s no other automotive agency quite like JKR.


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