JKR Hires Branden Stanley Internet Marketing Director

Internet Marketing Director - Branden Stanley

JKR Advertising & Marketing welcomes Branden Stanley as our new Internet Marketing Director. Branden is a relative newcomer to Orlando, arriving here last October from Santa Barbara, California after taking a position with the Asbestos Mesothelioma Awareness Group, a lead generation firm for the legal profession.

A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, class of 97, Branden earned his degree in Business Economics. Immediately after earning his degree, he embarked on a career in Internet marketing, and taking a position with Vertrue, located in Santa Barbara, California in sales, and then taking on greater and greater responsibilities being promoted to Internet Marketing Manager, and then to General Marketing Manager.

Midway through his seven-year career with Vertrue, Branden was lured away by Martin Worldwide for two and a half years, located in Westlake Village, California, Martin Worldwide is a major direct mail, telemarketing and lead generator for many national clients. In his role as account manager, Branden interfaced with well-known personalities, often handling the day-to-day decisions and details concerning their direct marketing endorsements, tie-ins and enterprise units.

Branden may be considered a veteran in the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Having jumped into Internet marketing from the nearly the beginning (Google was founded the year after he graduated), he has been on the front lines of the Internet marketing revolution throughout his adult life and career.

Branden brings his expertise to over 100 clients at JKR, as major contributor to SEOmoz, the international SEO On-line community. JKR is now in the position to provide a 360-degree marketing matrix to encompass the traditional and established media of radio, TV, cable and print, plus the added ability to enlarge the sales funnel to include SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing, plus behind the scenes analysis and amelioration.

JKR Advertising & Marketing specializes in auto retail and has over 100 clients coast-to-coast, employs 25 people and is located in Orlando, Florida.