Better By Design: JKR Hires Jeremy Chandler and Abie Silva

To meet and exceed the needs of JKR’s ever-increasing client roster, our agency has responded in recent months by making a number of key hires. Our two newest graphics department employees, Jeremy Chandler and Abie Silva, are welcome additions to our staff.


Jeremy ChandlerJeremy Chandler, Graphics Director: Jeremy came to us from SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando, where he served in corporate marketing as the only graphic designer on staff. “My job at SeaWorld got me used to meeting tight deadlines, which serves me well here,” Jeremy said. “I find working at JKR to be very interesting because of the niche market it occupies in the advertising world.”


He takes a great deal of pride in his “best supporting role” of producing Web graphics, newspaper ads, newsletters, billboards, and other print and online marketing materials. “Without a print and Internet presence to supplement our TV commercials and radio spots, some campaigns would not have the same amount of success. These days, many people get a great deal of their information either through the Internet or in printed form,” he explained.


Jeremy possesses an Associate of Science degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University, as well as a Multimedia Graphic Technical Certificate from Valencia Community College. In his spare time, he looks for opportunities to continue honing his skills via conventions and Web classes.


Abie SilvaAbie Silva, Motion Graphics Designer: When JKR decided to expand its motion graphics department, Abie was one of the first interviewees. It didn’t take long to realize there was a perfect match between agency and candidate. “My background is in automotive, so I already knew about the industry,” Abie said. “I was really excited to learn about JKR, and once I found out I got the job I couldn’t wait to get started.”


JKR’s clients appreciate the way Abie does his job. “I’m very passionate and meticulous about what I do,” he explained. “I look at each production and make it as wonderful and unique as possible. We believe our clients deserve a lot more than ‘just another car commercial’ … and that’s a big part of what will continue to separate JKR from everyone else in the future.”


Abie received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation from the Miami International University of Art & Design, and he puts it to good use at our agency. “I know how to convey our clients’ messages through animation,” he explained. “This is my niche, and I know it well.”


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