JKR Partners Brauns and Albert Share Insight in Prominent Business Website Articles

JKR Partners Richard Brauns and Jon Albert have been in the news a good bit in recent weeks. Their thought leadership has been featured in articles found in some of the country’s most recognized business Websites, as they offer invaluable insights into various aspects of the automotive industry.

JKR Partner Richard Brauns
Brauns’ expert analysis is prominently highlighted in a Yahoo! Finance article, delving into the expenditure habits of the average American when it comes to their automobiles. This insightful piece provides a comprehensive overview of the financial landscape surrounding vehicle ownership and consumer spending patterns.

Brauns’ expertise also extended to a GoBankingRates.com article, where he discusses the right and wrong times for purchasing a pre-owned car. This advice provides helpful knowledge to readers navigating the complexities of the pre-owned car market, guiding them toward making informed and advantageous purchasing decisions.

JKR Partner Jon Albert
Meanwhile, Albert showcased his in-depth knowledge of the ever-growing electric vehicle (EV) market. His insightful analysis on Tesla ownership is prominently featured in Nasdaq.com, as he sheds light on the nuances and considerations involved in owning a Tesla vehicle — including some surprising ways Tesla ownership can save its drivers money.

Additionally, Albert lent his expertise to an article for Ward’s Auto, discussing the emerging landscape of EV subscription services. In it, he discusses the concept of subscription services, addresses consumer skepticism, and concludes that some subscriptions could be worthwhile depending on the driver’s needs and preferences.

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