Keep Advertising No Matter What’s Happening Today

Keep AdvertisingYou need to keep advertising, even when things are good! Right now, a lot of car dealers are feeling pretty good about themselves and their dealerships. It looks like the industry’s best year in the last five. Gas prices are down, meaning consumers are buying more expensive cars because fuel efficiency isn’t quite as important as it once was. In fact, IHS Global Insight reports that “consumer spending on gasoline will be about $750 per household” less in the coming year than in 2014.

Keep Advertising!

But there are some things you should remember … and these things will help reinforce why you need to keep advertising! First, more sales equates to more customers … and that means more customers that could walk through the double doors of your dealership! Next, as you well know, there is no guarantee that this customer bonanza is going to continue. Third, your competition isn’t going to stop their advertising efforts, and you don’t want to fall behind them. Finally, you also know the likelihood of gas prices remaining this low is not good.

So do yourself a favor here at the end of 2014 – and well into 2015 – and keep advertising! Today, you should be promoting your seasonal sales to spark urgency. You may even be able to piggyback off something going on with your brand(s) at a national level – by putting a local twist on it.

Once you’re through the holidays, keep the momentum going. After all, is there ever a point where a car dealer says, “I have too many customers?” Of course not! If that day ever occurs for you at your store, let us know!

From the JKR Automotive Advertising family to yours, we wish you a happy and prosperous holiday season!

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