Keystone Chevrolet Enjoys Successful JKR Partnership

Keystone ChevroletPrior to becoming a JKR Automotive Advertising client in September of last year, Keystone Chevrolet in Tulsa, OK was experiencing a traffic problem. While most of us complain about traffic congestion (usually on the commute to and from work), there’s a different kind of traffic car dealers welcome with open arms – and we don’t need to tell you what it is.


Dealership Managing Partner Mike Frizell was confident he had everything in place for a superior customer experience; he just needed to get the proverbial doors swinging and phones ringing at his dealership. After a personal visit to Keystone Chevrolet, JKR Vice President Rick Johnson agreed.


Keystone Chevrolet retained JKR as its new agency, and Johnson (who is also handling the Account Executive duties) immediately went to work applying his company’s proven formulas for his new client. Almost overnight, sales numbers spiked to record levels.


“Keystone Chevrolet’s success is a very good example of what happens when JKR teams up with a dealership that is well-run,” Johnson said. “Mike Frizell and his partners are wonderful dealers. They have the right systems, inventory and personnel in place to do great things, and we’re excited to help Keystone Chevrolet reach their full potential.”


After the first month’s success, the discussion turned to improving the dealership’s online presence. JKR’s digital automotive agency, NOW Digital, evaluated Keystone’s processes and found ways to get a significantly increased number of leads and sales without increasing their digital budget. In addition, dealership personnel were taught how to effectively handle the leads once they are received.


Mike Frizell and his staff will tell you JKR and NOW Digital have made a tremendous difference for Keystone Chevrolet. In just four months sales have nearly doubled – and so far in February, the numbers are even better than that!


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