The Little Things Can Make a Huge Difference

Little ThingsLittle things often make a big difference in the automobile business (and in other industries, too, for that matter). You know what we’re talking about; the things that are often forgotten or just completely overlooked. So ask yourself this question: is there something I can do at my dealership that will improve things today? Sometimes, all it takes is the ability to take a closer look at things, as well as a willingness and attitude to make things better.


Want an example? Several years ago, Walmart increased the size of its standard shopping cart. In short order, sales of larger items like microwave ovens and other similar product offerings increased by an astonishing 50%.

About the Little Things

Sometimes, it can just be a random act of kindness or token of genuine appreciation for a customer. But even little things like always-clean restrooms (and dealership facility in general), referring to the customer by name and keeping all your promises make a difference in the eyes of the people who shop at your dealership. In short, it involves going the extra mile on one or more of the touch points you experience with each customer – so they must be done one consumer at a time. Since there is no “little things department” it falls upon every member of your staff to make this happen (or, as in the Walmart example, you can do something more subtle that increases sales).


Why are the little things so important? Because quite often, in the mind of the customer, the people and the products are viewed as one big package deal rather than two separate things. And if either of the two isn’t up to par, it often downgrades the entire customer experience.


Some little things are difficult to carry out or cost money, but others can be accomplished with nothing more than extra effort or a clever idea. So while you are focusing on the things that are typically accepted as the most important parts of your business, be sure to also keep an eye out for the little things. You’ll be surprised at how much it can enhance your bottom line.


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