Local TV Automotive Advertising Boosts Internet Presence

Local TV Automotive AdvertisingCar dealerships benefit greatly from local TV automotive advertising, and please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not only does it positively affect a dealer’s foot traffic and bottom line in ways you immediately think about (reach and frequency), it also has a wonderful impact on something a little more “hidden.”

In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on how local TV automotive advertising drives traffic to a dealership’s Website. Customers always respond to well-produced “traditional” advertising, which includes television. While people sit at home and watch TV, these days they are often doing some serious multi-screen viewing, which also includes a computer, iPad or smart phone.

Why Local TV Automotive Advertising?

So let’s say a customer is watching their favorite show on live TV. It doesn’t matter which show you want to talk about. It could be The Big Bang Theory, SportsCenter, or even an old rerun of a show like Seinfeld or Friends. All these shows have one thing in common: they have commercial breaks.

When these commercial breaks happen and that multi-screen viewer is checking out a commercial that interests them, what’s the first thing they will do? They’re going to jump on their computer, iPad or phone and check out that company’s Website for further product investigation. There are other times where it’s not quite as immediate, too, but you get the same result from it.

A recent Deloitte “State of Media Democracy” report backed up this claim, showing that more consumers were driven to a company’s Website by television ads than any other media source. The result is increased traffic and more online inquiries.

Think about that for a moment: If you’re advertising on TV, you’re probably just doing it for the sole purpose of raising awareness of your dealership. But in reality, you’re doing something just as valuable: You are driving people to your Website in a big way.

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